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It remembers each and every name that you will most probably forget.

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Forgetting names can be embarrasing

Both knowing and being known by people is important, therefore each and every of us wants to hear their own name every once in a while.

How many times did you forget a person’s name or, even worse, used the wrong one?! It not only hurts feelings, but also changes their perception of you, so make sure to learn their names by heart!

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The best way to learn something, is to repeat it over and over again until it is stored in your long term memory. In this application we use a well known principle: visual learning.

The name of the person is connected to its picture and due to this reason it is much simpler to connect names to faces. The Name Trainer makes it fun to do exactly that.

The story behind the Name Trainer

When Xebia started growing as a company, the number of employees multiplied as well. At some point it was harder and harder to remember all the names, so we built this name trainer in order to help us with this problem.

The application can use either included photos, either downloaded ones from the internet.

Remember faces more easily from now on

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What do our clients think about Xebia Name Trainer?

For years I've been looking for ways to memorize the names of my students. This tool seems to do just the trick. Please add an app with photo and audio recording!
If you know a person's name, you are much more effective. Our new employees are up to speed more quickly.
This product is not only fun, but makes it a lot easier to recognize each other and work together.
Iwein Fuld
Founder of StarterSquad
Coert Baart
Daan Teunissen
Founder of Xebia